About Visitens Travels & Tours

The Visionaries

Mr. Ahmed Firshan - Managing Director

Mr. Ahmed Firshan with more than 20 years in the tourism and hospitality industry, is a man of great insights about how the islands of Maldives should be presented to the foreign visitors. He does not see the white sandy beaches, the crystal clear waters and the tropical sun as something that needs mentioning, in stead, for him, tourism is about welcoming travellers from distant countries to our lives, where we treat each and every guest with our refined and sincere manners as our traditional and cultural values have taught us about local hospitality.

"Centuries ago, foreign sailors wandered by the islands of Maldives and anchored ship for a few days of rest and supplies. They were received by our forefathers who welcomed them to their homes and treated them as respected guests. They acknowledged what a true honour it is to have someone from another land under our roofs, fed with our food and given our time and attention, with sincerity and with enthusiasm, to ensure them a pleasant and comfortable stay." - Mr. Ahmed Firshan

Mr. Ahmed Shahudh - Sales & Marketing Director

Mr. Ahmed Shahudh is an academic on the studies of tourism and hospitality and with over 7 active years in the hospitality industry of Maldives, he sums up a unique perspective on the subject of travel. He believes that people do not travel only to see beautiful places and natural landscapes of open sceneries, but people travel to go place that gives them calmness and satisfaction for the mind. He illustrates the we have the need to take a break from our demanding and restless lives and we endure long flights and confusing airports, to go somewhere nice where our tired souls are finally greeted by people with a heartfelt smile who attend to all our affairs making our stay with them a satisfying, relaxing and refreshing time that we owed to ourselves.

“Customer satisfaction is an overused term. What it really means is getting to know your guests; what they enjoy and how they prefer things to be. Which is very easy; treat them like your long lost friends who have come to have a relaxing and enjoyable time with you." - Mr. Ahmed Shahudh

Mr. Mohamed Hassan Nizar - Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Mohamed Hassan Nizar with over 3 years of experience in the financial sectors, has seen his share of how finances are best sorted out and arranged for profitable conclusions in the tourism and hospitality fields. He is well recognised amongst his peers and clients with a reputation for seeing numbers where they matter and his accuracy on forecasting financial conclusions. He contributes his experience and his wide outlook on financing for the company’s future growth. Money, as he sees it, is a shared asset movable from mutually benefiting arrangements to joint provisions to successful frontiers.

“A well elaborated financial forecast is now a crucial component when doing business in the tourism and hospitality industry. It is tricky to decide how budgets should be allocated, but always giving a primary importance for customer satisfaction, as we believe that is the whole point of running a travel agency, we run our business fully invested in upgrading our customer experience." - Mr. Mohamed Hasan Nizar

  Visitens Travels & Tours

Visitens Travels & Tours was founded by Mr. Ahmed Firshan and Mr. Ahmed Shahudh, two local venturers who envision travel and tourism with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. The company started in (4th November 2012) as Visitans Maldives and rebranded to Visitens Travels & Tours on 17th July 2014 with a simple one-room office as a travel agency that initially operated with a handful of resort clients bringing in large groups of tourists from China.

Visitens Maldives progressed with gaining more recognition amongst its clientele and making new contacts with more resorts in different locations throughout Maldives. The tourist groups kept growing and the frequency of visitors increases as the company’s work progressed over the months where all operations and arrangements were smoothly coordinated owing to the experience and the local know-how of the company directors.

The travel agency vastly expanded its contacts in China at the China International Travel Mart (CITM), and Visitens Maldives received a great response from the Chinese tourist market. With informed and analytic future planning, the directors lead the company as a steady and established travel agent that supplied a consistent demand for many resorts and excursion operators in the Maldives leading up to Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa awarding Visitens Maldives as the number one local Destination Management Company.

Visitens Lodge

Visitants Travels & Tours has opened its own budget guesthouse in 2014, the Visitens Lodge, located in Island Hulhumale'. This was a new milestone for the Visitens group, which opened new paths for the success of the company. Simultaneously running a travel agency and also managing the maintenance and operations of a complete facility for tourist accommodation with all amenities and services, proved that the directors of Visitens are making steadfast progress towards their goals.

“We now provide a full service; managing the travel routes of large tourist groups, coordinating their arrivals on schedule and arranging direct airport transfer to our Visitens Lodge. We also handle all the facilities from catering, laundry services, housekeeping and also arrange many excursions and recreational activities for our guests." - Mr. Hussain Azmeel


The White Harp Beach Maldives


Visitens Travels & Tours is now in the final stages of opening their boutique guesthouse named The White Harp; located in The Island Hulhumale' (Lot 11075) 5 minutes away from the International Airport. This is an upmarket tourist room-and-board establishment with an elegant and sophisticated designed and fully equipped with luxury amenities. The White Harp provides all services of a complete guesthouse and has many water sports activities and a variety of excursions for the guests to enjoy. After the opening of White Harp Beach Maldives, Visitens Travels & Tours have closed the Visitens Lodge guest house and now are focusing on the High Market for - White Harp Beach Maldives.

  The Visitens Travels

The Visitens Travels starts with a well-organised itinerary. Our travel agency handles all bookings of our customers providing the best routes for their destination. Our Visitens Lodge customers will be received at the airport by our staff and will be guided to our vehicles designated for direct airport transfers. All operations are well supervised and managed by the Visitens directors ensuring a keen focus on customer satisfaction where all services are shaped for the convenience and comfort of the guests.

Today Maldives has an increasing number of tourist hotels and travel operators, which gives the locals quite a few options to choose from when it comes to planning a local holiday. This is one market the directors of Visitens have decided to pay a key focus for their future expansions of the company business.

With their expertise in the local tourism and hospitality industry, the directors of Visitens are more than familiar with the potential of local tourism. Operating an award wining travel agency and running a fully serviced lodging, Visitens is already one step ahead when it comes to serving local holidaymakers.

The Visitens Team

The success of Visitens narrows down to the Visitens Team. The Visitens staff, starting from the chauffeurs, the receptionists, the room attendants, to the cleaning and maintenance staff; all posses the good old fashion polite and friendly personality. The company structure is well organised where each task is delegated to experienced managers who coordinate their staff in the relevant departments.

All tasks are completed within well-strategised schedules and each individual handles their responsibilities with dedication showing well-groomed professional aptitude. The directors of Visitens closely monitor and participate in staff development activities to ensure that everyone in the Visitens team is mentored with the values and culture of the Visitens brand.

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